Do you want to have a ready-to-use online ESL curriculum that works every time ?

Read below to find out how simple it is to teach ESL online with a ready-to-use curriculum and build your students' English foundation in 40 days without needing to waste time piecing one together from your textbooks or all the unreliable info online.

I'm here to help your students get a solid English foundation. Starting now.

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Your guide to building out an ESL curriculum that works online


Hello, I’m Daniel DiDio! I’m an Online ESL Teacher and Curriculum Creator.


I’ve taught more than 11,000 hours and 31,000 classes of ESL for over 13 years.


I started teaching traditional classrooms in 2008. For 9 years, I taught in various countries and for the last 5 years I’ve taught 5 to 14-year old students online.


When I started as an ESL teacher with VIPKid, my classes were horrible. Just like you, I didn’t know how to teach online and I was only familiar with the traditional classroom format.


My classes were boring, flat, and monotonous.


Over the next 7-8 months, I made an everyday commitment to teaching better.


I was constantly analyzing my classes and looking at class recordings to see where I was messing up.


Yet, I was still running in circles trying to find out the one thing that would make my classes work for my students.


Then one day, a light bulb went off in my head. I realized that in the moments when my classes worked, it was because of my students! It finally made sense…


When I tutored one of my students, Tom, he would use rhythm while repeating words I said to him.


If I used rhythm and flow, he would start to respond better by repeating my words. Another student was always singing in my classes, which led me to start singing to help my students learn.


Fast forward to today: Now I don’t need to lecture my students and bore them.


I know the response I’m going to get from students and that they’re going to get a solid English foundation within 40 days of me teaching them English. I’ve tested these methods with 1000’s of my students. 


Throughout my years of teaching, the results have always come within that time frame. Now I want to give ESL teachers the tools that have helped me create results for my students, 


So I’ve distilled my years of testing my curriculum on students into a ready-made curriculum that 370 ESL teachers have already signed up for and are learning to use right now…

I’ve tested these methods with 1000s of students and the results have been consistent throughout my years of teaching”

All the teachers I’ve coached have faced the same issue that you’re facing now and that I went through myself.


This issue is quite common, but most ESL teachers are unaware of it. Their realization only hits them when they realize that what works in a traditional classroom doesn’t work online…


You’ve probably tried converting your classroom textbooks into online curriculum or have used free/customized templates that turned out only to be blank templates with no guidance.


And you’re frustrated why all this work you’ve done and info you’ve gathered hasn’t amounted to anything, you’re exactly where you were months ago with no curriculum built out, and your thinking about giving up on going independent as an ESL teacher.


But I can show you how easy it is to stop wasting time and start using a curriculum that is proven to work.


During my early days of teaching ESL online, I figured out how students learn online and then used that to make my curriculum. All the traditional textbooks and teaching styles I used didn’t have the same effect…


As creating a student-tested curriculum that builds a solid English foundation for students.


Do you want an ESL curriculum that you know will build your students’ English foundation?


Then click here to go to the bottom of the page to purchase my curriculum and program , ChitChat2Fluency

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ESL Teachers Happy with the Program So far

ChitChat2Fluency in Action , see a sneak peek on how a student progresses

ChitChat2Fluency Sample Lessons, just left click on each lesson

I’ve got your back

Here’s how ChitChat2Fluency can help you build your students’ English foundation in 40 days 

1. Access to the curriculum

As soon as you sign up, I’ll be notified. You can contact me via Facebook messenger, email, etc. Even if you don't contact me, within a few hours you're going to get an email which shows you how to login and access the curriculum. Once you login, you'll have lifetime access to the curriculum. Here's what you get...

308+ Lessons
1,600+ Flashcards
Prep Time Slide for Teachers
Beginner ESL Elementary Curriculum
Interactive games - Homework & In the Lesson
Word Families, Sight Words, Grammar, Reading, Phonics, and Math Lessons

ChitChat2Fluency has already been tested on my students, who range from 5-14 years old. My curriculum is flexible for any student at any learning level, and ready-to-use for teaching your online classes.
You won’t just be filling out blank templates in this curriculum. ChitChat2Fluency is packed full of everything you need to help your students progress their English skills. Your students will get the chance to relate pictures to words and engage in lessons with interactive games, and the curriculum comes with more than enough content to make sure you won’t have to bring a ton of props to your online class.

2. Getting your students results and referrals

With just 40 days of using my curriculum, you’ll start to see improvements in your students’ English skills. You’ll be able to proudly show results to parents and gain valuable referrals that bring more students to your classes. If you ever need help with the curriculum, you’ll have free access to support calls with me. Even if you’re 4 months into your classes, I’ll be there to help whenever you need me.

So how much is it?

If you were trying to create an online curriculum by yourself, you might spend 3-6 hours to build, test, tweak, retest, and then launch your curriculum. That’s 3-6 hours just to build ONE lesson. Now, let’s say you’re making $20/hr. One lesson will cost you $60-$120, and building out additional units will cost you even more. Building 10 units could cost you as much as $12,000!

If you try to get around building your own curriculum by buying courses from ESL coaches or course creators, these courses normally cost hundreds of dollars without even including a curriculum.

Usually, I’d charge ESL teachers $159 for ChitChat2Fluency. Right now, I’m running a special offer for you because I want to empower other teachers by giving them access this curriculum. Today, all you’ll have to pay for ChitChat2Fluency is…

$89 Lifetime Access


This will get your students results

I know you’re excited to start using this curriculum on your students and start seeing their English improve within 40 days. Go ahead and trust your gut, and get the curriculum for the most important reason: being able to teach independently to support your family and give them a better life. 
Click Here to go to the bottom of the page and buy ChitChat2Fluency!

It makes sense...

You don’t have time to build out a curriculum yourself. Either you’re juggling family or you’re spending more time at your regular job. You need to teach a certain amount to make an income for your family, and the only way to do that is to start teaching online. For that, you need a curriculum that works. You need something that is going to give your students a solid foundation in English. You want your students to finish your class satisfied, knowing that their English skills have been greatly improved.

When your students improve and get results, their parents will be happy and will refer you to people they know. This will allow you to make a sizable income for your family and go independent. If you still want to work with ESL companies like I have, you’ll soon see they teach teachers to teach in the same cookie cutter way. Even if you follow the curriculum at VIPKid, you’ll just be teaching in the same way as everyone else and it will be harder for you to stand out from the others and get booked. With the ChitChat2Fluency curriculum, you’ll have the guidance you need to teach in a more interesting and engaging manner. When you purchase ChitChat2Fluency, you’ll be on your way to getting more bookings!

With ChitChat2Fluency, you’ll be getting a $159 curriculum for a special, limited-time price of just $89. This special price makes my curriculum accessible for more teachers, so that more students can improve their English. I’ve put together a quality, tested curriculum that I guarantee will work for your students. ChitChat2Fluency takes away all the anxiety of purchasing a curriculum, since you know the results that it will give your students.

so click here to go to the bottom of the page and buy Chitchat2fluency.

So what happens if you don't buy this?

You’re on this page because you don’t know how to build out a curriculum for yourself or you’ve just started looking for one either way, I know the amount of effort it takes to build out 300 plus lessons , and at some point you’ll just give up because unless you really like making curriculum like I do, you’re going to have hard time building out multiple lessons. 

On top of that if you make a curriculum on your own you won’t know if it works, especially if you’re just starting out, you don’t have a large enough student base to test this on like I have, this becomes wasted time on students. And the parents aren’t going to see results, if the parents aren’t seeing results then they’ll go get another teacher, and you”ll lose students and you won’t build up your student base

Don't Delay this special offer only lasts for a limited time then it's gone forever

Are You Ready to use what Works to build your students’ English foundation in 40 days?